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may 18 2018

Chapter break has begun! The Latest Page button will take you to the latest Guest art for the duration of our break. We'll be back with Chapter 2 on the 11th of June! See you then!

Find the last page chapter either through the Archive or by clicking here.

may 14 2018

Books are here and I've started transferring the site over to a new host. The server's still updating so if you notice some bits not working, let me know!

I've started shipping out the KS rewards and will stagger the sendouts as I'm doing this on my own. If you missed the Kickstarter, I've got a few leftover copies up for grabs in my Etsy store! You can find it here!

March 31 2018

Kickstarter PDFs have been released! Please check your emails in case the update has fallen into your spam box. If you haven't got it, see the latest update here!

March 13 2018

The Tweetdeck seems to be having some issues updating but that -should- be amended now. I'll keep a bit closer eye on it.

Brief on our KS progress:

We're a bit behind on schedule to send the PDFs out. I've been unwell which has had a knock-on effect on absolutely everything but we're very close to being finished.

The only thing left to do now is bit and pieces with the extra comic, which includes a bit of colouring on Mika's part and text edits on mine. You'll be getting a bit more pages than originally intended! So that's good fun. <3

My Twitter is still the best place to find updates on our progress, so keep an eye out for new things there!

Page updates continue to go out on Fridays of every week. Any unscheduled pauses or delays will be notified either on Twitter or the Author's Comments section of the newest page.

There might be a longer period of downtime come May and this is because I need to switch host providers. But I'll keep you posted on that!