november 10 2017 | River Effra

Our Kickstarter's been doing brilliantly in the last week! We managed to reach the 2nd Stretch Goal which we revealed to be a short comic! This is a collaboration between me and Mikael Hankonen, which will focus on the day Jack leaves his homeland and family behind.

Kickstarter's also given our project a cool little badge and it's now promoted as Project We Love. I'm really chuffed how things have gone in the last couple of weeks and hope they'll keep improving. We'll introduce another Stretch Goal a little later this weekend!

Next page will go up again either on the 17th or the 19th. I'll let you know! I've decided to continue updating once a week at least until the end of this Act. So you'll get at least another 4 pages before any breaks. Patrons can find pages 11 and 12 to read on our profile already. <3