november 17 2017 | Guttersnipes

The comment section now allows Guest Comments!

This means you can comment without a Disqus account. I get that some folk don't like linking their social media or emails to places like Disqus, so you can go about it a bit more anonymously. We love comments and would like to make it easier for people to share their thoughts. Cheers to the person who pointed it out to me, wasn't aware it was an option!

The KS has been doing brilliantly and we've now passed the original 100 copies order. We've been in touch with our printer to increase the order as well as ask about the cost of adding pages to the book. As long as the last 2 weeks of the KS go well, we're going to add another 4 pages to the book and include the stretch goal as a bonus comic. Originally the plan was to make the bonus comic just a digital copy, but we now have the opportunity to include it in the physical book too.

Really excited to see where the last 2 weeks take us. <3 Thank you everyone for your support!