november 24 2017 | Pig's head

Happy Friday everyone!

There's only a couple of days left on our Kickstarter campaign! The comic has had its page count increased and you can find a little bit more info about that on the campaign page itself.

We've reached all the Stretch Goals we were aiming for and we've been able to include the bonus comic in the physical version as well thanks to your donations. <3 I'm just incredibly thankful and honoured for all the support you've shown our project. It means the worlds to me and we can't wait to crack on with the print run.

The comic will continue to update weekly until page 14. After that we'll be taking a short Yuletide break and I'll let you know what's going to happen with the updates when page 14 goes live. I can't say yet how many page updates a week we'll be doing in the future (we've been contemplating on 2), a lot depends on how quickly we can get the PDF version of the comic out to our KS pledgers and Patrons.

Next page will go live on 1st of December! See you then!