December 08 2017 | Grumpy jack

Happy Friday everyone!

This is one of the pages I've really been looking forward to. <3 If you have any comments on the story so far, please feel free to drop a line! Always happy to hear about anything you might have to say.

I've been rather ill since the last update so I've been focusing on resting and recovering from it. We've not yet managed to find a simple solution to sorting out the pre-orders for additional books outside the Kickstarter, but we'll let you know what happens with this. It'll probably have to wait until the end of December to give me enough time to recover health wise and for the holidays to be out of the way.

The comic will be on a little break until the end of the month which is when we'll start updating weekly again. For now we'll stick to Fridays but I'll let you know if that changes.

Next page will go live on 29th of December! Happy Yule!