january 05 2018 | just saying

Happy Friday everyone!

Our grumpy protagonist made a cameo appearance in Lorena Garcia's Bookwyrms recently! If you're not familiar with the comic, I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out. <3 We've been talking about this scene for over a year so I'm incredibly honored and happy to see it finally live!

I forgot to mention last time, but we've made a lot of our Patreon content free (and will continue to open up more in the future)! The comic will no longer update ahead there, but there's a bunch of sketches and folklorey bits and pieces for those who'd like to know more.

I was recently asked if Tistow (the city) lacks folklore and if Jack's the one bringing it in. Tistow's a modern city but that doesn't mean there's a divide between 'modern' and 'old', they actually go hand in hand. In the past I've mentioned that the story is largely about identity, not just Jack's but the city as a whole.

The industrial progress means a lot of old communites have been split up in search for work and fortune. Rookeries are filled with the poor and hungry and this is a place where people will create their own mythologies to cope with the changing surroundings. Old and new merge to form new shapes as they spread across the city and people's imaginations.

Happy New Year everyone! <3 See you again on the 12th!