january 16 2018 | Grumpy Jack

Happy uh. Tuesday. Who could this be?

I have no internet at the moment and solving that problem is proving incredibly difficult. It's likely this issue isn't going to be sorted before the end of the month (I'm livid, I have no better way to describe it) so here's this week's page early. I'm crossing my fingers for a fix on Thursday when an engineer is due to pop over to have a look at it.

I seriously hope these issues will be fixed before the next update, which should be on the 26th. Mikael will be here from the 19th until the end of the month and we'll try to keep you posted on how things are progressing.

If you're a Patron and Discord is something you use, you can find most of the rest of the chapter's inked pages tucked away within a Patrons-only channel. <3 I'm keeping 4 of them a secret for now as they contain a fair bit of spoilers even without text and colour.

Once the internet is fixed and Mika's settled, I'd like to look at posting WIPs of the pages we've released so far when we start making more of the content free for everyone to view on Patreon. I'll let you know where these will end up!

Couple of scribbles from last year. One of these has previously only been posted on Patreon. You can find a higher res of the other one here!

Most of the cast at the top you might recognise already. Tag, Legs and Morrie who.. Will still be introduced in this chapter alongside a character that I haven't shared much concept art of. And Anna who you'll get to meet in Chapter 2. The two fellas at the bottom you'll also get to meet in the next chapter and who haven't quite had their concepts finalised. Still got to work on that.