january 26 2018 | Water spirits

Happy Friday!

January's almost over (thank goodness). Not trying to wish my days away but it's been a rough month. I lost my favourite little doe this week, Elsie, and I miss her terribly. Rats are such brilliant pets, just a damn shame their lifespans aren't very long.

Mika's still here until Monday and we'll be popping over to London tomorrow to see Lorena!

February is when we'll start sending out the Kickstarter PDFs! I don't have a date set in stone yet when they'll start to go out, but I'll keep you posted.

This lady we've mentioned in the comment section before. This is Morrie, or miss Fallow. You might notice some discrepancies in her clothes and shawl from earlier pages and this is because we made some changes to her attire later on. These have been fixed for the printed version but I haven't got around to changing them online.

This sort of thing I would quite appreciate from you as feedback though! If you notice any inconsistencies in say, their clothing and suchlike, I'd love to hear about it. We're only just starting so this sort of thing is quite important to catch early. Our cast's attire will keep changing from chapter to chapter.

Some concept art of our girls that you'll also be able to find a high res version of on my social media and Patreon. <3