February 02 2018 | You made it

We had our signing session in London on the 27th, that was such great fun. <3 I'll take dusty old bookstores over department store hells any day. Thank you Lorena for introducing us to the big bookstore on Piccadilly Street. I could spend days there.

I've got all items together and ready for the KS sendouts except for the actual book. It'll be at least another 2 weeks before I'll have the proof copy in my hands and final edits finished, so we're still on track.

There's another Kickstarter project that's gone live yesterday that I'm taking a part in. I've been doing illustrations and pages for a comic called After the Gold Rush by Miles Greb in 2017 and that partnership will continue to the 4th issue of the comic that I've been inking. Colours are done by Mikael Hankonen.

The Finnish National Opera has also put some of my art on show for the duration of a play called Madama Butterfly. They commissioned illustrations from me last year for it and I'm really happy to have got the chance to take part in their project. <3 I won't be able to go see the gallery myself this time, but it'll run until March and will be revisited whenever the play is on in the future.