March 02 2018 | daydreamer

Happy Friday! It's been a bit of a bin fire week in UK.

Most places here don't get snow all winter. Down south it's unusual if the temperature drops below 0. But this week, you might've heard, we got some north easternly weather that the locals nicknamed 'Beast from the east'. Last time something similar happened was in 2010, but even then it didn't feel anywhere near as bad as this.

Snow and ice has meant that most villages have been cut out, schools close and folk have even got stuck on the motorways overnight. There are no trains and buses don't come through the villages because the roads aren't cleared. While this has meant that all my appointments this week have been cancelled and it's been a bit challenging, I've -really- enjoyed the snow.

Things -should- get back to normal by next week. They reckon temperatures will start to rise back to what they consider normal here over the weekend. I'm going to enjoy this while I can. Kent is proper pretty like this.