March 16 2018 | PArticular

Happy Fri- ...Thursday depending where you are! We've still got this lady to introduce before the end of the chapter. She's been such good fun and a challenge to draw. Can't wait for you to meet her.

Right, some updates on the website!

I've finally got around to adding less temporary Cast information in the Cast section. What we're still missing from there, are some extra descriptions of each character. For now we've got at least the birthdays and nationalities of each cast member. Any guest characters from other comics will also be mentioned there whenever one appears in the story.

Page 0 is now a Map. You'll probably still see me touch this page up at a slightly later date. I hope it gives y'all a bit clearer idea where everything is.

I've gone over the first 15 pages and uploaded new versions of them. These are now the same pages as what will appear in the physical copy. The most drastic changes were done to pages 6 and 7 which I've recolored.

The Archive has also got a little touch up. It now shows what characters appear in each chapter. ..If you take a look at it, you'll find that there's 1 more character to be introduced in this chapter other than Mrs. Goodwill.

For now we've only got the one chapter, but once the Kickstarter comic has gone out to its pledgers, I'm going to add a downloadable version of the bonus comic (Juuret) and include similar cast illustrations.

While we're talking about Juuret, here's another sneak peek! The little girl is called Ida and she's Jack's younger sister. She uses sign language to communicate and this is something we'll briefly explore in the extra and again later in the main story.

Phew, that's a lot of amendments and updates for one week. Great chunk of them have just been waiting to be uploaded so I'm glad it's all done now. <3

See you again next Friday!