March 23 2018 | how did i get here

Happy Friday!

It's been a proper exhausting week. I mentioned this on my Twitter very recently, but the gut issues I've had since August are improving. Unfortunately the knockback effect it's had on my work has severely eaten into my mental health. I've got help in the form of CBT, but I feel completely spent both physically & emotionally and have done for a while now.

This won't affect my updates here as the comic has been done for a long while, but it has meant that there was an unexpected delay on getting the Kickstarter bundle together. I do think once this chapter is finished updating on the website, I will take a longer break to catch up on buffers, work and whatnot. But we've still got plenty of pages to take us into May before that happens! So no need to worry about that! Just a heads up.

So this week, I've decided to take time for myself to just relax and unwind and just work on Tistow. I love this project, it's my baby and I want to spend more time with it. I apologise for the delay to getting the Kickstarter PDF out and thank you very much for your patience while I sort things out. <3

See you again next Friday!