April 06 2018 | The loft

Jack has his room! This little loft will be his home from now on.

Everything Mrs. Goodwill talks about here has some history behind it. We'll come across all of it eventually. Rent day was known as 'Black Monday' and laundry was a big undertaking in general and you'd pay for a laundress if it was an option.

'Miasma theory' is also a thing.


A digital version of the comic is now available to purchase for just a couple of quid from Gumroad! The PDF includes Chapter 1 in full (34 pages) and a bonus comic Juuret (5 pages).

Juuret is kind of a 'Prologue' to the story and takes place on the day when Jack embarks on his journey to Tistow. You can either click on the banner to the right or find it here!

I have a small announcement and request for everyone! If you draw or have a webcomic, I'm looking for some guest art for a downtime period in May.

What are we looking for?

The first chapter is due to finish online on the 11th of May. I'm be taking a short break from updating after that and we'll start the 2nd chapter in June. This is to give me a chance to finalise any pending things in the chapter and other work. I'll give you the exact date closer to the end of the chapter.

What I'm after would be some Tistow themed fanart or guest pages, depending on what's your forte! I'll make sure to link to your social media and/or comics if you have any of your own.

In addition, while this is not a contest, I will be picking one person to send a physical copy of the comic to at the end of the guest round.

The deadline for these requests is 11th of May.

The only requirement I have is that the art is Tistow related. If you don't want to be included in the comic book raffle, let me know when you send me your work!

Other than that I'd like to know your social media links and if you take any commissions etc so I can mention them in the Authors' Comments.

Feel free to email me to chat about this if you have any questions, I'd be happy to discuss it further. Alternatively you can leave a comment in the Disqus box below. <3

The best email to reach me on is elli.puukangas@gmail.com


I've also updated Page 0's map to match the physical copy's one. Find it here!