April 20 2018 | Whistling

Happy Friday everyone! If you're in UK and going out this weekend, remember to drink lots. Don't be me and bring a black coat to the blazing sunlight.

Jack's little ward! His spells consist of whistles, hums and clicks. This means he doesn't need to use words to perform them, but there's nothing stopping him.. ..Swearing with feeling if he. Well. Feels like it. We'll dwell into all that more in the future. You'll find out soon what this ward is for!

I've got some news for our KS backers: I've got the digital proofs and they went through on the first go. Everything looks good! <3 Can't wait to have it in my hands!


A digital version of the comic is now available to purchase for just a couple of quid from Gumroad! The PDF includes Chapter 1 in full (34 pages) and a bonus comic Juuret (5 pages).

Juuret is kind of a 'Prologue' to the story and takes place on the day when Jack embarks on his journey to Tistow. You can either click on the banner to the right or find it here!


Here's another reminder of the Guest Art run! If you draw or have a webcomic, I'm looking for some guest art for a downtime period in May. The deadline for these requests is 11th of May. You can find the information for these requests on the previous page!

The best email to reach me on is elli.puukangas@gmail.com