April 27 2018 | Wild city

Happy Friday everyone! Jack's finally got a chance to just rest and write to his family.

This was the last page in the very first draft of this chapter, but we've got 2 more pages to go before Chapter 1 ends. One more character to meet.

I've got the physical proofs of the comic! Unfortunately we hit a small snag with compression so we've investigated this with the printer and I'm getting a new one sorted out before we go ahead with the full print.

But here's a glance of what it all looks like so far. I'm really excited. <3

I wrote a little something about this process and my Kickstarter thoughts in general on Patreon. We've given our Patreon page an update last week and brought both Sketch Requests and the $3 comic reward tier back.

Our main goal has also changed (the comic reward at $250 remains as promised, there just wasn't room on the goal profile to include it). We want to badly bring more pages out more frequently, but right now our schedules don't allow it. If you enjoy our work and would like to support us, every penny counts. If you can't commit to our work financially, sharing our stories would mean the world to us.

The goal we've set would cover all our expenses and allow me and Mika to focus on Tistow and Year in Hereafter with the possibility of also bringing Small Trolls back. We're gonna keep working towards that! If there's any kind of content you'd like to see from us, we're open to suggestions. Pop 'em over!

If you fancy a peek at Chapter 2, I've been posting pencil progresses there under the $3 Patron tier. I'll post more as and when I have new pages to share. Inks will be the next thing and colours after that.


Mika's Year in Hereafter, our sister comic, has also joined Spider Forest! <3 Really neat to have all three comics together under the collective. If you already haven't, you can read Mikael's comic here!


I'm looking for some guest art for a downtime period in May. The deadline for these requests is 11th of May. You can find the information for these requests here!

The best email to reach me on is elli.puukangas@gmail.com