May 4 2018 | Far away from home

Happy May the 4th everyone! Look who finally decides to show his face.

It's been a while.

Great news! 2nd proof was approved, last tiny little fixes have been applied and the comic batch is on its way! Once the copies get here, I'll be spending the next following week (or two. Never done this before so we'll see) sorting out Kickstarter orders. We've ordered 250 copies in, so there's a few extra to go around for those who missed out on the campaign!

I've made an Etsy account for the comic stuff and will be filling the stock up in the next couple of days! There's a free bookmark in it for everyone who orders. <3

The deadline for the guest art requests is 11th of May! You can find the information for these requests here! There's still a little bit of time to sign up if you fancy having your art shown on our website.

One more page and then the first chapter is done!

The best email to reach me on is