Last page of the chapter! Lot to look forward to in the next one. We’ll be starting Chapter 2 on the 11th of June! If you fancy a sneakpeek, I’ve been posting pages on our Patreon and will continue to do so. <3

Thank you everyone who’s sent in their guest art so far! If you’re still working on yours but feel like you’re going to run late, no problem! I won’t start sorting out the schedule until after the weekend. If you’re only just seeing this, I’ve been requesting some guest art for our chapter break. You can find the information for these requests here!

I’m going to try to find a way to update the guest art on the website without messing up the page numbers and I suspect that’ll take me a wee bit of time. There’ll be convenient links to every single one and after the break is over, a separate page will be created for them. <3

Thank you everyone who’s been sharing, commenting and just simply reading the comic over the course it’s ran so far. It means the worlds to me. I’m really pleased to wrap this chapter up with the knowledge that we’ve got a physical book version of it already!

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Thank you ever so much for reading the comic everyone! I can’t wait to start chapter 2! But before that, some guest art! Keep an eye out for those and my Twitter feed. <3