We’re ready to begin! Whei! I’m so chuffed to finally be here! Big thanks to our guest artists for taking the time to send me art and letting me show them. I absolutely love every single piece. ♥ You can still read all the entries here!

I’m holding off picking the raffle winner for a tiny bit longer. I was gutted to hear one of the submissions never arrived in my inbox so I’d like to give them a chance to resend it.

The first Kickstarter went incredibly well and I’d love to do another one in the future. I’ve still got a few more rewards left to send out but vast majority of them have already been posted out and I’ve been hearing back from those who’ve received them. Thank you so much for the photos! ♥ I’d love to see more! It was all a big undertaking but I learned a lot from the campaign and I’d like to continue providing copies of the comic per chapter. Thank you Mikael for joining in to colour the bonus comic and Mark for being a massive help in general (especially with the map on this occasion). It’d be really fun to do another extra comic to go with the 2nd chapter.

You can still buy the book from my Etsy store or if you fancy a digital copy that can be downloaded via Gumroad.

We’re going to continue doing Monday updates from now on. We’ve got two updates for you tonight so click away to the actual page 1!