Hello everyone and welcome back!

Ready to kick off Chapter 2! I’ve updated ye olde TWC links so if there’s anyone who fancies giving us a vote there, we’d love that! You can find a link to it on the side bar. I’ve scheduled bunch of incentives for each coming week so you’ll have a new one every update day~

We’ve got a new goal on our Patreon! We’d love to bring Small Trolls back and for that we’d like your help. If we can reach $200, we’ll start posting new pages! We’ll continue where the boys were left off and you’ll get a new page once a month. We’ve got more goals on the list with the intention to increase these updates, but let’s start with this one. We’re only missing $19 out of said goal!

I’ll be announcing the raffle winner on Twitter a little later than intended, keep an eye out for it! Same thing goes for the upcoming giveaway.

Next update is scheduled for Monday – 18th of June.