Happy Monday everyone! New character but also one I’ve shared a ton of concept art of and progress bits and pieces for quite a long time ♥ One of my favourites too. She was originally meant to be just a minor character, a laundress at the Goodwill house, but a lot has changed since then (well, she’s still a laundress) and she plays a much more important role in the story. You’ll be seeing a lot of her in the future.

Those who read Mikael’s YIH, will find also find here there as a guest character in the very near future, similar to what we did with Jaakko (and Veeti).

We’ve got one more guest art as promised! This one is by Thomas Murcott. It got a little lost somewhere in the web but thankfully we’ve got it now! Thank you for taking the time to send them through again. Here they are~

The raffle winner’s name has been pulled out of the hat! And the prize goes to CraftyMarten~ Find their guest art and all the other art here! Thank you again everyone who sent me some art to display during the break. ♥


Next update is scheduled for Monday – 25th of June.