Hi everyone! I’ve been sitting on a couple of pages, as Patrons will know, and I’ve decided to start updating again. ♥ There’ll be at least a 6 week’s worth of updates to come for now. We’ll continue updating on Mondays like in the past.

Twitch streams are a thing! I’ve started streaming regularly and the intention is to keep that up 3 times a week. For now the days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and times are 8pm-11pm UK time. I’ll mostly work on comic pages and concept art, but commissions might be something I’ll look at doing like I have in the past. You can find us here or by clicking the banner below!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might’ve seen a whole lot of horse related photos and sketches. I used to work with horses and ride before I moved to UK and recently started feeling the itch to do it again. After some disappointments, I managed to find someone who lets me ride and drive their horses and ponies in exchange for jobs at their farm. My mood has improved massively and it’s made a big impact in my general health.

There’s 12 of these wonderful beasties at the yard and I get to do stuff with all of them (I don’t feel overhorsed yet hah). What’s been really nice is that they’re all different ages (there’s tiny foals, lots of youngsters and older veterans), types (ponies, cobs, draught, TB, you name it) characters (everything from madame mares, dopey stallions to stubborn geldings) and experience (I get to ride, drive and school both very green and very experienced horses and ponies). So I get to do a bit of everything. It’s been brilliant and, most importantly, it gets me out of the house. ♥ It’s hard work but I love it.

(I still love my rats, don’t get me wrong. Heh. There’ll always be rats)

See you again on Monday! Or this Wednesday/Friday, if you fancy popping by to say hi on the stream!