october 27 2017 | What's a vagrant

Part of this scene wasn't originally meant to be in but I'm glad we ended up revising the pages. Puts a bit more pressure on Jack.

To those interested in Jáhko's name:

Pronounced 'Yaak-ko'. [j] More 'traditionally': James, John, Jacob and Jack.

His last name derives from my great great (..great?) aunt, Nanny Hammarström, who was born in 1870 and wrote children's books in the late 19th/early 20th century. She's a very interesting lady so if you fancy reading up on her, I highly recommend it. Her books have been translated to English, but I'm not 100% how much of -her- story you can find in any other language but Finnish and Swedish..

In the past we've had talks with my mum and grandmother in regards to illustrating her books again (the squirrel and ant stories in particular), but whether that'll actually ever happen, I can't be sure. It'd be really nice if we could.

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