November 05 2017 | Down to the riverside market

The Kickstarter has exceeded all our expectations, it's still hard to believe we've actually made it! Thank you for all your support so far!

We're currently sitting at a bit over 300% funded and on our way to our 2nd Stretch Goal. If you fancy owning either the digital (£3) copy or the physical one (£12) there's still plenty of time to get them! You'll find a bunch of other Kickstarter exclusive goodies like bookmarks, stickers and prints there too.

The 2nd Stretch Goal is still a secret, but I can say it will include an extra comic. But let's get there first!

Click the graphic on the right side to get to it! Alternatively click here!

Next page will go up either on the 10th or the 12th of November. This is because I realised I'm going to be away for the weekend without access to a computer. Keep an eye on the feed and my Twitter to find out when it goes up!