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August 2020 - Patreon

Just a wee reminder that if you're looking for new pages, the comic is still running on our Patreon until I'm able to return to a more regular schedule. Work's been busy and things have calmed down a little but I'm still focused on other projects. ♥

Some of you may be aware of this already, but I'm affiliated with a lovely company called Star Stable Entertainment and I've been drawing a whole bunch of character art for them recently. It's been really great fun working with them and there'll be more stuff from us in the future too! Stay tuned~

You can find me on Instagram now too under the following profile: @ellipuukangas

July 2020 - Fan Translations

I've been made aware there are some fan translations of Tistow out there. I've asked time and time again that people would come and talk to me first if they have any intention to translate the comic to another language.

I'm disappointed that you've not made the effort to get in touch. If you enjoy the comic enough to take the time to translate it, I REALLY WISH you'd at least make the author aware you've done it. :(

This comic is my baby and it's hard enough already to find people to read and share it without someone scraping and stealing my content to post it elsewhere. I'm discouraged as it is from continuing it.

If you are translating Tistow currently to Spanish, French or Russian (or any other language not listed here), please get in touch and I'll add a link to the translation somewhere on the website. I'd PREFER that the comic wasn't posted elsewhere because I occasionally go back and make small changes to the old pages, which means your translations will no longer match the original and it could confuse people.

If you're interested in translating the comic, you can contact me on elli@tistow.uk

I can't take any responsibility over fan translations and their accuracy or your security on any 3rd party site they're being posted on.