Whei and we shall continue through this gloomy street.

I had to take an unscheduled break from finishing this page because of other work and I couldn’t get my head around the colours. I’ve mentioned this on Patreon before. I’ve been doing a lot of colour studies and painting to try and tackle this problem that keeps resurfacing whenever I start a new scene in Tistow. I’ll be posting some of those illustrations there if you fancy seeing some! I’ll get back to streaming too once I’ve sorted out my schedule for December.

As I’m a bit behind on schedule when it comes to Tistow, I’m going to scrap the usual Monday updates and post whenever I have a new page to show. I will update the RSS feed, Twitter and DeviantArt whenever a new page is up. I’ll continue to post previews on Patreon too. ♥ Please sign up for one of these channels to keep up to date with the comic!