April 28 2020| Friends

It's been a really manic two months. But I have more pages for you! Yay! 🐀 ❤️

For those who haven't been following me on social media or Patreon, I've been doing some work for a company called Star Stable Entertainment and that content is now slowly trickling through to the public. I'm really excited for the future and looking forward to sharing more with y'all.

Anything I'm able to share is scattered around on different platforms, but my Instagram is a bit more Star Stable focused content than my Twitter is.

We've had a few more Patrons join us too which is amazing! I've decided to go back to releasing pages on Patreon ahead of the website, so you can always find at least one new page there before it goes live here. Updates will be announced on the RSS feed and my socials as usual. Keep an eye out for them. ♥

The world is a strange scary place right now, stay safe everyone.